In this demonstration in fields "Marking" was put at first "*" and this means that now will be enter a part of labels
of material. We are searching alloy with leading specified "AlMg" which will be type in column and subsequently
from menus on the right we choose "are theta initial letters of bunch of fives".
On the left displayed alloys, which have symbol "AlMg" on beginning. There was choosed label "AlMg 3".
Below will portray norm and on the left down table with chemical composition of this alloy. After activate items
"Equivalent materials" from menus on the right will be illustrate of such alloys.
After selections item "53000" will show chemical composition of this alloy.
When you unknown correctly marking of alloy type in column "Marking" symbol "?".
Further choose state, e.g . "Deutschland".
On the left you see labels of all materials from Deutschland. After activate one’s items, e.g . "2.0120"
will show norm and chemical composition of this alloys.