Program is advisable supplement for schools with specialize to material engineering
and is convenient helper for metallographic workstation.

Program METGRAPH has  6 module :
In this module you can find microstructure per alphanumeric key.
Fourth module includes different reagents on preparation plane of sample surface
for different materials.
In this module user have chances review his self microstructure, which was inserted
to original databases by next module.
By 6th module user can enlarge original data base about self microstructures.
Fifth and sixth module you may test by copied demo versions of the program.
       Program METGRAPH allows search microstructure for different materials by different entrances. As entrance may be e.g . chemical composition of material, his marking,
heat treatment, type of material, etc .

       Program contains approximately 12500 different microstructures, mostly from optical microscope but also from electron microscope - thin metallic plastic foils and replica,
too from scanning microscope - fractural surface.