After activate items "Applying steels" will show offer from which will selections "Tool steels".
Below you can see presentation at this choice. From this can be select e.g."Tools on cold cutting,......".
After choice the state e.g."France" down you will see the list of steels towards correspondent selection.
You can select e.g.steel "C 80 E 2 *U". On the right up you will see chemical composition of this steel.
After activation items "Equivalent"  on the right down will display list of equivalent steels.
After activation one’s items e.g . "C 80 W 1" will show chemical composition of this steel.
Activating items "Heat treatment" will display
information about heat worked.
Activating items "Graphical dependencies" will show additional offer from which you can select e.g .
item "Mechanical properties - temperature"  and subsequently display corresponding graph.